Harmon Linkous

An Ethereal Apparition of a Slain Confederate Soldier


Harmon Linkous was a slain Lieutenant in the Confederate Army. He was particularly known for being greedy and bloodthirsty, which led to his eventual death, at the hands of his own men.
Years later, when his spirit rose from his grave seeking revenge on the men responsible for his death, this was when he first encountered the Nathaniel Trueblood Detective Agency.

During the battle that raged on, Harmon and his ghostly minions were quickly gaining the advantage when Charles Lawson figured to turn one of Harmon’s own weapons against him, however it was too late. Harmon ran the huckster through, killing him. With one of their own downed, Harmon and his forces were quickly able to kill Cole Richmond and Nathaniel Trueblood.

The NTDA would encounter Harmon Linkous once again. After the newly reformed NTDA tracked a gang of ruthless outlaws to a plague ridden port town on the Gulf of Mexico, the NTDA discovered that the leader of the outlaws was none other than Harmon Linkous, possessing Charles Lawson’s body. After a heated battle where Harmon possessed various members of the NTDA, and resulted in Flinklock Charlie being killed in battle, the NTDA was able to trap Harmon in Charles’s body once again and encase him in gold before the ship they were on sank to the bottom of the ocean.
Harmon remains there, trapped in gold.

Harmon Linkous

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