Cole Richmond

The biggest, baddest Indian in the history of mankind.


Cole Richmond was born to the Sioux tribe. He rose to become it’s Chief and was known as Coyote. The Sioux were under attack constantly, so he was forced to hide himself from the public eye. None of the Sioux even knew what he looked like. Eventually, Coyote learned that some of his commanders had made an alliance with the Confederacy. Coyote was against this because he knew the Confederates were a bunch of slave driving, back stabbing traitors to their own nation. Coyote’s commanders, unfortunately, did not feel the same way. They imprisoned Coyote and tortured him daily. Eventually Coyote escaped, and turned his back on his Sioux upbringing. Instead, he chose to become a wanderer.

That was a bit to the point, wasn’t it? Well, that’s because Coyote. . . I mean. . . .Cole Richmond, doesn’t give two shits and a mummy’s left nut about long sob stories. He only cares about the stories about killing giant devil bats, or the ones about fighting a whole town filled with Werewolves. He likes these stories because they are about him, and they’re fucking awesome.

Cole has done nearly every single thing that anyone could ever think of. He’s killed vampires, banged obese women, died, killed undead cowboys, resurrected, rode on the top of gargantuan cockroaches, and burned down demon houses. His last great conquest was fighting Satan. You get the picture.

Cole Richmond never got to do one thing though. He never got revenge on those that betrayed him. Of course, not all things are in the hands of men. Cole Richmond knows, as you should, that all things happen for a reason. The earth spirits, God, manitous, or whatever crazy doo dad you believe in will bring your destiny to you. Just live you life to the fullest until that time comes.

Cole Richmond

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